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Type of services


-> Music
- Recording/Editing/Mixing/Mastering
- Albums/Singles/Demo
- On-location
- Surround Sound Mixing


-> Music Production
- Producing New & Established artists to focus their creativity. What does a Producer do? This changes with each project.



-> Original music composition
-For Advertising/Radio/TV/Film/Interactive/Corporate



-> Music collaboration
- Co-writing music/lyrics with artists



-> Post-Production
- Sound design/ADR mixing for any visual format
- Surround sound mixing



-> Corporate
- Introducing The Extremes, a band consisting of best musicians in the area. With an infinite catalog the playlist is customized to fit the needs of your event.



-> Artist Development

We don't just focus on the Production of a project. There are lots of things that need to be done before a single note is recorded, and the steps to get you into the studio is different to everyone.

From song polishing with industry leaders and image consultanting to assisting with booking live shows. We work with the best new and established talent in taking their creativity to the next level.



-> Music Publishing

Capitalizing on our industry-wide contacts, we are opening new opportunities for master placement in film/TV/game soundtracks, forging new relationships for song placement with global artists, and seeking to introduce the music of our partners to the international marketplace.



-> Voice/musician casting
- Include spanish voice actors

Selecting the right voice talent can make or break a project. We work with the best in the industry, both locally and nationally to provide the best final product. Need casting in a different language? No problem.



-> Audio Restoration
- Analog tape baking/multi-format transfers/noise reduction
- Our clients includes Kiro 7 TV, Virginia Mason and prominent law offices

From old reels of tape to cassettes and DAT's, we can transfer those to a digital format. Need to clean up that tape hiss, room ambience or...? We can do that too.