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Pro Tools 101/110: Combination Pro Tools Package

Seven days - $1535 (save $95 with this package!)


Pro Tools 101/110: the Combination Pro Tools Package takes the student from beginner to experienced user. These courses cover all the key concepts and skills needed to operate a Pro Tools system. The course provides the foundation for the later 200-series Pro Tools Music Production and Post Production courses.


Basic computer skills and some audio recording knowledge, such as a basic understanding of recording techniques, processes, and equipment. Optional: Introduction to Audio workshop

Pro Tools 101: Introduction to Pro Tools is intended as a prerequisite for taking the 110 course. Passing the 101 exam is required before taking the 110 exam.

• Getting started — Configuring your studio and session
• Controlling Pro Tools — What is an external controller?
• Managing sessions and tracks
• Recording MIDI and audio
• Loop recording and auditioning
• Understanding timescales
• Virtual instruments and plug-ins
• Editing MIDI
• Editing audio
• Understanding automation
• Mixing — Use of sends, returns, and plug-ins

Software Configuration
• Pro Tools LE 9
• Dynamics III
• Xpand2!
• Complete Production Toolkit 2
• Synchronic

Course Length
7 days. 40-44 course hours.


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