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About medialab now DIGIFY

DIGIFY prepares students for a world in which it is not enough merely to know how to produce music, not adequate to merely understand video production, or to author DVDs or deliver content online. Our experience informs us that, in order to consummate a successful career, media producers need to master each of those crafts - and more - in a creative context.

DIGIFY offers classes featuring intensive hands-on training by industry-leading professionals who use the software on a daily basis. These classes puts you in the driver's seat as you pursue your career.

DIGIFY is the first and only Avid Sponsored School in Seattle. We offer a variety of digital media and real world related workshops and classes, with more offerings being added on a regular basis. Please email us your suggestions for subjects you would like to study.



Mailing Address:

24 Roy St. #346

Seattle, WA 98109

206 583 8112 - voice

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