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MediaLab is now DIGIFY an Avid Sponsored School


DIGIFY is Seattle's only Avid-authorized Pro Tools training facility. Whether you're a beginner looking for a head start, or a working professional in pursuit of Operator Certification, DIGIFY now offers Pro Tools classes utilizing the impressive official Avid curriculum.


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Official Avid Curriculum


Let's face it - Pro Tools is everywhere. In music studios, on scoring stages, mixing films, or comping vocals on an airplane, Pro Tools is the professional standard for digital audio production.

The Avid Training and Education program offers a full curriculum to help you become proficient using Pro Tools. Select individual courses to build particular skills or brush up on your Pro Tools chops. Work toward certification as a Pro Tools Operator or Pro Tools Expert to master Pro Tools systems and land your next gig. Whatever you choose, you'll gain valuable skills while connecting with peers who share similar interests and abilities. Read more...


Personalized Training

DIGIFY's instructors are not just highly trained educators, they are award-winning engineers and producers in their own right. You will learn state-of-the-art techniques and tips designed to make your educational experience more rewarding. Read more…




Avid is shaking up the audio world with the release of Pro Tools 10.

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Digital Audio Training


Learn to record, edit and mix like a pro! DIGIFY workshops are intended to provide intensive instruction in audio recording and production techniques. If you've always wondered how great records are made, these classes are designed for you. If you want to learn the most about recording in the shortest amount of time, these classes were designed for you. If you just bought (or are about to buy) your first recording system, these classes are designed for you.

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Special Offer for Recording Academy Members!


We are happy to be a partner with the Recording Academy offering an exclusive discount for their members who enroll in PT101 or PT110 classes!

Make sure to mention you're a member on your registration form.

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Why Study Recording?


So, you already know how to run a computer workstation - maybe you even own a small Pro Tools rig, why spend time and money taking classes? That's a tough choice for some people. Our experience has shown that students (even advanced users) can learn systems faster and more thoroughly with the help of a trained instructor. We can also help unlock some of the secrets known only to power users. Combine that with our instructors' years of real-world professional recording experience, and you have a recipe for successful learning. To find out more about our staff, click below.

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