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DIGIFY - Teaching The Official Avid Curriculum


The Avid® Training and Education program offers a full curriculum to help you become proficient using Pro Tools® systems. Select individual courses to build particular skills or brush up on your Pro Tools skills. Work toward certification as a Pro Tools Operator or Pro Tools Expert to master Pro Tools systems and land your next gig. Whatever you choose, you will gain valuable skills while connecting with peers who share similar interests and abilities.

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If you have less than one year of experience working with audio or recording equipment, we suggest you look into our Introduction to Audio workshop - a 6-hour class (two evenings) designed to give you the basic audio concepts and vocabulary necessary to get the most out of your Pro Tools training.


This class isn't just for those new to audio. Our curriculum is suited for those have spent years on the other side of the glass as talent and want to brush up on their vocabulary, or for those that have been doing home recording.

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