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Glenn Lorbecki - Director/Curriculum Development

Kisha Kalahiki - Administration

James Nixon - Instructor



Mailing Address:

24 Roy St. #346

Seattle, WA 98109

206 583 8112 - voice

Our professional credits include work with artists ranging from Coldplay to Dizzie Gillespie, films like Cliffhanger and Oliver Stone's Heaven and Earth, HBO's Golden Globe winning mini-series John Adams and TV shows Family Guy and Northern Exposure. Work on Playstation's NBA 2K9 and CBS' Survivor and Marvel Comics' Spiderman continue our dedication to cutting edge game audio production.

DIGIFY instructors are award winning producers, engineers and educators with experience in digital music and post-production for over 20 years. One of the distinct advantages of training with our staff is our ongoing work as professional engineers and producers. We bring state-of-the-art production techniques and applications to the classroom to give students a tremendous head start.

With small class sizes, we are able to personalize the experience to a great degree, affording students the opportunity to experience training that relates more directly to their needs and goals.

We encourage you to contact us to answer any questions.

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